Definition Of A Servant/Leader


Sitting at my desk working on a project, I notice someone on the sidewalk out of my side window.

It’s Eddie Baker, the President of Positive Alternative Radio.

He’s shoveling snow off a sidewalk.

Yes, we have a maintenance crew.  But he’s out there doing it.

I have never met a man who defines servant-leader more. He LOVES to serve.

Lessons I’ve learned from him?

1) His servant-leadership is a constant reminder to me that I am here to make the way easier for others…not for myself.

2) Never expect anyone to do something that you aren’t willing to do.

3) Ask questions…ask lots of questions. It may seem like overkill – but you will get the answer you are after.

4) Success doesn’t come to those who are lucky…it comes to those who work their tails off.

5) Money is a tool. Don’t fear it. Don’t worship it. Use it to accomplish the plans you have.

Honored to serve at PAR.

Honored to serve such a man.

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