Dear Skeptic

Dear Skeptic,

Now that I have your attention, allow me to explain why I opened this blog like that.  

Also, you’ll need to grab a cup of coffee and get comfy…this blog has some things that will probably land the wrong way, so you might need something to keep you awake as it’s longer than our usual blogs.

CMB’s annual conference, Momentum, is fast approaching.

With that comes the annual round of questions.  I normally let these questions roll off my back but this year I’d like to tackle them head on with some candor.

So, let’s open the mail bag…

Why is PAR a sponsor of Christian Music Broadcasters? 

PAR believes strongly in community-focused Christian radio and it seems the number of operators doing that are disappearing.  That concerns us.  It isn’t that we think those who don’t share that same vision are evil.  We just have a differing mission and vision.  

We want to see the number of people employed in this industry expand.  

The greater the number of people employed, the greater our influence can be and there’s a higher chance that we can change the world.  

PAR sponsors CMB to do one thing: we want to champion the local operator.  The community-focused station that is growing talent, out in the community on the weekend collecting diapers for the local pregnancy center and inspiring their audience to change the world.

We do not attend Momentum to get clients, sell a product or try to poach talent from another station.  We’re there to hopefully inspire someone to keep doing the hard things.  Keep at it.  And if you’re so bold to ask us a few questions, we’d be willing to share with you what we’re doing that works…and we won’t charge a fee for it.

Why do we send so many people?

Why do we bring 16 people?  That’s our leadership team.  It isn’t all of PAR.  We bring the leadership team to be an example that this conference is important.  We want you to bring as many people as you can.

We bring our leaders so that when we return some of that passion and education will spill over to our teams.   Bringing the PAR leaders to Momentum makes PAR better overall.

The end game for PAR is quite simple…we want to encourage you to keep doing the work of local, community-focused Christian radio.  We want to challenge you to change the world.

Why is PAR launching The ENCW Project?

Finally, we’re launching The ENCW Project at Momentum this year.   There’s no cost to it.  PAR doesn’t make a dime.   It’s simply our way to encourage all of Christian radio, and the ministries who serve Christian radio, to band together and let’s change the world.  Let’s set a goal and go for it.

The world desperately needs changing…

With all the tools and talent we have as an industry, it’s never been easier to change the world.  But we’re hoping to band hundreds of Christian radio & ministry friends together who will do the hard stuff of changing the world.

Who knows…could we impact a billion people?

Closing Thoughts

There’s our heart. That’s our motivation.

We have no agenda to take over the CMB leadership, sniff out which local operators are failing and try to buy their stations or hire staff away from your organization.

Our desire is to inspire you and your team to change the world.

This September you’ll see PAR’s small army roaming around the Momentum conference. 

But know this…we’re an army of encouragement.

Now you know our WHY.

Easy Never Changed the World –

Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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