Dear Christian Radio – Building People – Part 2 – Making A Difference

Make a difference.

Don’t set out to lead. Set your heart on making a difference.

This begins at home; then your church; next your ministry and in your place of business.

Roles and Goals. Where must the focus be?

Difference makers are not required to be in a role of leadership, but are set on meeting the goal of serving and building up others, thus making a difference in their lives.

The 101% Principle

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In his book, “The Maxwell Leadership Bible,” John Maxwell introduces

“The 101% Principle.” This is finding the 1% that you can agree on and then putting 100% into it.

As a leader you’re always going to be stretched and tested in ways you’ve never imagined. Invariably, these challenges involve . . . people.  No surprise here.

Paul had to confront many problems in the church at Corinth and he began by appealing to them, “by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church.

Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.” 1 Corinthians 1:10 (NLT)

Rather than focusing on the negative, Paul first opened his letter to them by showing how grateful he was for the gifts they had and how God was enriching their church. He built them up by acknowledging how well-spoken they were and for the knowledge they displayed.

But, there were necessary challenges in the church that required some course correction.

Maxwell says the #1 Rule of Leadership is this: “Affirmation comes before confrontation.”

Whether you’re in a position of leadership or not, this is a crucial principle in exhorting and admonishing for the purpose of addressing things that are harmful to the individual and your team.

Start Leading The Way

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So, always look for the best in others and then focus on building them up while gently, yet firmly, confronting the problems.

I love how David approached leadership in Psalm 15. True leadership begins with a growing love for God. David asks the questions: “Who gets to come into your house?” “How does one get an invitation?”

In David’s answer to his own questions, I can see PAR’s “5 Ways of Being.” If you’ll indulge me a bit, I believe we can apply these points to the text very nicely:


◆ Be Passionate. This begins with integrity…Passion to always do the right thing and to have a heart for the truth. Live it. Speak it. Be zealous for God’s Kingdom.

◆ Be Honest. No speaking ill of anyone. Have others’ best interests at heart. Without being honest and truthful with ourselves and other people, we have nothing.

◆ Be Caring. We care for others as we honor those who desire to walk in the truth and will always keep our word, regardless of what it may cost us.

◆ Be The Standard. Those who set the example will never do anything in achieving their goals and objectives at the expense of others. This person is worthy of emulating.

◆ Be Creating The Future. I like this one particularly. The person who is doing all the above will be one who remains standing. Unless you build your life, your home, your church, your ministry or your business on the immovable foundation of God and His Word, it matters not what you do; you are missing the mark in achieving this fifth “Way of Being.” There is, then, no lasting future in your efforts.

Here we find many of the godly qualities that those in leadership, or those who aspire to be leaders, should possess and practice. 

Go ahead, set your heart on making a difference!


Dear Christian Radio –

  1. Be someone focused on making a difference.
  2. Affirm and build up others.
  3. Your “ways of being” should be directed at building a solid foundation for the future.


Marc Tischart

PAR Director of Creative Services and GM of Spirit FM | Positive

Alternative Radio

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