Growing a Culture of Upgrades

Dear Christian Radio,

If the competition to the workforce is automation, what can we learn from it? Hank Jackson, President of the Society of Human Resource Management recently said: We need to upgrade ourselves. Take a cue from our competition (automation). We are fighting against an automated workforce, yet automation has regular upgrades. Why aren’t we?

I’ve been thinking about that. To speak of upgrading as “getting someone new,” isn’t always practical or conducive to growing a deep culture of commitment. Instead, I think a more efficient approach – and I’m sure you’d agree – is to constantly invest in the quality people (the right people) we already have on the bus!

The challenge with this thought is to never, ever stop learning. The day you stop learning is the day you may become obsolete. Take it and also apply to others. As a matter of servant-leadership (that is, influence) be on the lookout for ways that you can help your team grow around you. Creative learning is a great way to engage your team. Consider such options as Ted Talks, dialogue through forums, business networking groups, and/or hands-on experiences.

If someone is resistant to change and resistant to learning a different angle, how compatible will they be with the 2.0 version of your business? To get things rolling in the right direction, start with yourself first. Check for updates in your own life regularly; then, seek to serve, lead, influence, and help those around you so they can do the same. That will certainly change the culture around you!

Dear Christian Radio…

1. Evaluate what you’re doing to further professional skills.
2. Never stop learning. If reading and training don’t excite you, get creative.
3. Acknowledge when your team needs an upgrade; then, lead by example!


Daniel Britt
VP of Culture Integration
Positive Alternative Radio

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