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Dear Christian Radio,

If you were to go on vacation to a foreign country, would you brush up a little on the language?  …At least learn a few common phrases?  Get a head-start on cultural differences to expect?  Research what is considered rude vs. acceptable behavior?  If you were going to become a permanent resident there – say a missionary – would you figure out ways to connect and relate?

Part of culture integration within a company or organization is much the same.  At PAR, we strive to exercise our mind — to lead each other into bigger ways of thinking.  Whether it’s about the craft of creating great content for broadcast, connecting as believers in an alien-culture, or building stronger teams between departments and stations, it’s important to have understanding and knowledge of a bigger world out there!

To focus in organizational culture, one way we influence tomorrow’s leaders which determines the potential team members who will remain on the bus to the future is through daily exercises that give us all a brief moment to “think outside our department.”  Some call it role playing, others may call it the “what-if” game; several find it challenges them in brand new ways; and at its core, it should demand a higher level of thinking.

Sometimes we ask questions about hypothetical situations that may arise within a normal day at the office.  “What would you do?”  “How would you respond?”  “If you were given two problems to solve at the same time, which would you solve first and why?”  Other times, the practice solicits a variety of different responses – not right or wrong answers, mind you – but a myriad of camera angles of problem-solving.  As a leader, you can get a feeling of how each team member thinks and evaluates scenarios.  As a respondent, you can showcase your own unique, God-given powerful reasoning-in-action.

It’s not limited to hypotheticals, however.  There have been plenty of times where one team member sheds light on pain-points or victories in their department, which in turn, helps the rest of the team understand and focus on becoming more fluid in productivity or sensitivity.  Anonymously, we’ve even shared moments of candid frustration that demand equal candor in passionate replies.  All of this is good to gauge, grow, guide, and gear-up your team for greater success.

So, how does all this play out?  For some, annual trust-exercises are conducted.  Others have quarterly pow-wow brainstorming sessions.  Some conduct analytical assessments.  For PAR, it happens daily.

Yes, daily.

The entire PAR employee body — full-time, part-time, salaried, and hourly — put their thoughts into writing on a unified set of questions (usually 1-3).  It has become part of the daily routine; some answer first-thing; others simmer over their words before hitting “send” in the afternoon.  It becomes a beautiful portrait of achievement to see small departments contribute as a large team with bold shades and textures.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7, NKJV

You’ve heard the quote: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  I think the quote, at its heart, really speaks to a mindset.  “Think for the job you want…”  God has given us a powerful tool between our ears; now go out and use it for his glory!

Dear Christian Radio,

  1. Does your team share the same cultural language; that fits with your Mission and Vision?
  2. How can you help your team feel more connected and valued through shared ideas, brainstorming, problem-solving?
  3. Are you allowing your team members to have a voice, possibly growing your group, as well as letting you see how each team member is progressing?


Daniel Britt .::. VP of Culture Integration and GM of Joy FM | Positive Alternative Radio

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