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Dear Christian Radio,

Do you ever get hung up on the past or find yourself stuck in the good ol’ days? If so, you’re not alone.

In 1 Kings 19, we learn that the prophet Elijah has defeated the prophets of Baal in a miraculous show of faith. Even so, now that Jezebel is determined to end his life, the mighty Elijah is convinced that things may no longer go his way. Elijah is afraid. He is overcome with feelings of isolation, desperation, and a sense that his efforts have been of little value. He cries out to God because he feels like he is the only one left who still serves the Lord. Faithfully, God reveals himself to Elijah and shows him that there are still “seven thousand in Israel” worshiping with him and that there is still work to be done.

We can assume that in Elijah’s distress that he became nostalgic for the good ol’ days—like when God used him to end the 3 1/2 years drought. God had used him to do wondrous things, but alone in his grief he simply feels used up. In truth, we have all felt this way at some point in our lives. Perhaps you have found yourself focused on your station’s past, rather than its future; or maybe, right now, you’re feeling as though you’re all alone in this fight between good and evil. Remember this…you are not alone! Your brothers and sisters in Christ are fighting alongside you every day—the #ENCW Project offers proof that we’re in this together.

Christian partnerships are powerful. They bind different ministries together so that greater things can be achieved in Christ’s name. Partnerships make the heavy lifting a little easier and remind each of us that we are never alone. Interestingly enough, the hardest part of a partnership is reaching out to others for help. However, when we summon the courage to call on one another amazing things begin to happen. For example, the #ENCW Project recently partnered with:

  • Samaritans PurseThe goal: Give Christmas to 12 million children through Operation Christmas Child.
  • SOS RadioThe mission: Encourage the encourager by collecting prayers from across the country to give the station strength as they broadcast Christ’s love and healing to those grieving in Las Vegas.
  • God’s Pit Crew The effort: Bring hope and restoration to the people of hurricane ravaged Florida and Houston—using more than $1 million raised for relief efforts.

Friends, you do not have to fight alone—we are stronger together. By partnering with other stations and ministries, God is able to expand the reach of your station and use you in ways you could never imagine.  We’ve learned this firsthand from the #ENCW Project. We’re working together to build the Kingdom by loving people. We will change 1 billion lives in five years because of these remarkable partnerships, and because we believe God will use our collective strengths to do even more than we could ever achieve on our own. Remember what Proverbs 27:17 says,

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

We have an easy way for you to begin partnering with other Christian ministries. Join the #ENCW Project, today. Together, we will change the world!


Derek Withrow
Director of Impact Services
Positive Alternative Radio


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