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BEDFORD (WSLS 10) – Three very deserving families that have experienced unforeseeable hardships over the past year received an unexpected surprise Tuesday. When they answered their door, they thought they were only a finalist for home build competition they were nominated for, but it turns out they were all getting the help they desperately needed. Spirit FM along with David James Homes surprised the families, letting them know that they actually won. Denise Pond, a single mother of four in Bedford, was the first to get the news. Her youngest daughter will now have a new room. Next stop, Spirit FM with balloons in hand, knocked on the door of the home of Cathleen Moon in Moneta, who has been fighting cancer. After having her leg amputated, she was confined to a wheel chair, and now needs better access in her home. Kelly Brubaker opened the door last, but certainly not least. She was surprised to find that her roof, which was seriously damaged, will be replaced. Together, hand-in-hand, each family gathered to pray on their door step, to bless their homes which will soon be improved. #WEAREPAR

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