Contesting With Care

Dear Christian Radio:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a radio station in possession of great prizes must be in want of a winner…right?  Contests seem to be part of the nature of a radio station, and in the case of Christian Radio, a way to “bless” our listeners with something they can enjoy.

All of this is well and good, and yes it is amazing to bless others with things like concert tickets, CDs, vacations or staycations.  However, in our eagerness to get to the “giving,” it might be all too easy to forget about the legalities that accompany such activity.

So before you move forward with that ticket giveaway, whether online or on-air, take some time to make sure you’re following the basic rules set by the FCC in relation to radio contesting…

  1. Fully & accurately disclose “material terms” of the contest on-air or online (to see the FCC’s recent update to this requirement, click here:
  2. Contest is administered according to the way it has been announced/advertised
  3. Contest descriptions are not false or misleading

For a list of what constitutes “material terms,” or other information pertaining to the FCC’s regulations on conducting contests, review the FCC’s “Contest Rule” online here:


Megan Billingsley

Assistant General Manager, Positive Hits PER

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