Celebrate When a Core Value is Exhibited

Dear Christian Radio,

Is your method of recognizing others linked to your core values? If not, it should be!

At PAR, we talk a lot about developing a culture of appreciation. Just saying thank you is a great first step. But to truly go deeper you must name specifics related to the team member; this includes their talents, their attention to details, and their intentional actions.  Acknowledging these contributions to your team goes a long way in making these team members feel special and truly valued.

Here’s my challenge to you…

  • Link your recognition—be it a note of encouragement or a special gift—with a specific core value associated with your company. Connect the dots! Say thank you, but also show them the why. Let them know that you are thankful for specific efforts and contributions. Then, tell them why each is important as a particular value of your organization. This will encourage them to continue living these actions out every day.
  • Chart your intentional appreciation as if it were a dashboard. When a leader connects appreciation to a core value it provides a clear picture of how your team members are living out those values! I would also challenge you to encourage your team to use this same method to show appreciation to one another. Appreciation from peers is powerful and can have a similar positive effect.

There are additional benefits to capturing each merit-worthy achievement.  Leaders who witness and document contributions as well as peer-to-peer appreciation can quickly and easily compile incredible content for performance reviews.  The steps one would take to develop an entry for a “Radio Station of the Year” competition are the same when looking to clearly capture internal achievements. Therefore, think of this as an annual report of your team that also highlights individual achievements. Be sure to include and celebrate any peer-to-peer recognitions. This will make for a truly effective culmination of positive group and individual impacts throughout your company.

Dear Christian Radio…

  • 1. Set your target. Tie your method of recognition and appreciation to your company’s core values.
  • 2. Be purposeful. Thoughtfully consider, document, and recognize employees who demonstrate those values.
  • 3. Listen to your team. Consider what your team has to say about its peers; recognize contributions that they consider important.


Daniel Britt
Vice President of Culture Integration
Positive Alternative Radio

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