Casting Vision

Dear Christian Radio…

Let’s say that it’s 7 AM on a Saturday. I pull up in front of your house and toot the horn of my cherry red Lamborghini and beckon you to join me on a little car trip. If we haven’t worked it out beforehand, what’s your very first question? While it very well may be, “Where did you get a Lamborghini?” After we get over that, I’ll bet you’d be just a little curious about where we are going.

Where? It’s the question all of us want answered before we commit to going anywhere with anyone. And so it is with our team members, our donors, and even those we serve in ministry. Where tells us so much, including what is expected, how many resources are going to be required to get there, and whether or not the journey itself is worth the time it will take to get there.

That is why it is so important to cast vision. Vision tells your followers where you are going.  Jesus did just that with the sermon on the mount, describing how His Kingdom would revolutionize life on this planet. God says vision is essential:

Where there is no vision, the people perish,”  – Proverbs 29:18

Vision is that important, and to cast it, you must answer where. This is so simple, but vision remains a huge stumbling block for many organizations. As a consultant, you have no idea how many times I came upon non-profits and ministries that were shipwrecked because of a lack of vision. They can tell you what they do, they can sometimes tell you why, but many, many of God’s leaders struggle when asked to describe where they are going. They lack vision and it is keeping them stuck.

Casting vision is worth your time. And even if no one has asked you to articulate your vision, deep down, they are looking for it. We all want to know where.

Here are some keys to developing a vision:

  1. Look at your mission and the “why” of your work – Ultimately, what direction are you headed? What would be your ultimate destination?
  2. Know your horizon and what’s beyond it – How can you identify a point on the horizon that, if you reached it, would put you out of business as a non-profit? What is the ultimate solution to the problem you are here to solve?
  3. Know your vision – Executing a vision can be a lofty goal. Yet, when focused, it can become a reality sooner than expected. Your values and your mission may never change, but your vision can–and more than likely will–change as you achieve goals you once thought impossible. Ask yourself: What’s my vision for this decade and the next? What can I achieve in that time frame?

People’s eyes glaze over when you talk about vision casting–to most people it seems so ethereal and intangible. That’s why I am inspired by Good To Great author Jim Collins, who came up with the BHAG or “Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal.” concept. The best-known example may very well be John F. Kennedy’s proclamation in 1961 that “…by the end of this decade, we shall land a man on the moon.” That set in motion all manner of improvements, innovations, inventions and achievements including the technology that is allowing you to read this blog at this very moment.


Dear Christian Radio…

  • What’s your BHAG?
  • Where are you headed as an organization?
  • What’s inspiring about that destination?

Take some time this year to lean forward, ask what’s next, and imagine a brighter future for yourself and your organization. Pray, ask God to open your mind, heart and eyes to all that is possible. Ask Him what He is calling you to do.  No doubt that He will answer and you’ll then be able to say with assuredness where you are going and who should come along for the ride.


Jerry Grimes
Vice President of Creative Services
Positive Alternative Radio

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