Be The Standard

Dear Christian Radio,

As a child you were probably asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a teenager someone may have asked you, “What do you want to do with your life?” Now, as an adult with a whole host of personal and professional responsibilities, it’s time to ask yourself, “What do I want to be for the rest of my life?” 

The word standard is a peculiar one. On one hand, standard means typical or average. Remarkably, just being standard is perfectly acceptable in most circles, today. Being standard is safe; it never rocks the boat or makes waves; and most importantly, it does what is expected…nothing more, nothing less. The world sees standard as dependable, affordable, and inoffensive.You can count on standard…at least until something better comes along. 

Now, when an unassuming the is added before standard, you create something much different and much more dynamic; you create the standard. In the presence of the standard, average fails to be good enough. Think about it, who wants to be an average husband, a typical boss, or an okay Christian in the presence of an awesome husband, a great leader or a model Christian? Not me, brother!

We should want to pursue God’s standard. His is the standard of excellence. God always gives us His best, and in our gratefulness, we should want to give our best for Him. Being the standard is Biblical. Look at Revelation 3:16, which says, “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.” No ministry worth its salt should want to be seen as lukewarm.

Being the standard means seeking excellence in all that you do. It’s more than just reaching a level of acceptability; it is becoming the true measure of quality for yourself and for others. This anonymous quote says it well…

Excellence is never an accident! It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.

Being the standard starts with you! If you want to see your ministry become the God-sized standard of excellence in your community and beyond, you must first become the standard yourself. You do this by living your life with intention and by focusing on the things you and your ministry value most.

Another way to become the standard is to commitment yourself to learning. This point is so important that I often tell my team, “Don’t ever think you have arrived, because the moment you do, you have!” Stop learning and you and your team will stop growing. On the contrary, a solid commitment to reading and other learning opportunities will facilitate growth within your ministry.

So, how does one know when he or she is becoming the standard? First, the work produced by you and your team will be recognized as something outstanding. Outstanding is impossible to fake, so you will know it when you see it. Second, your work will make a noticeable difference in the hearts and minds of others. When your ministry becomes the standard in your community those impacted by your efforts will recognize your organization as a real game changer. To do these two things, you must always strive to be the head and never again be satisfied with being the middle or the tail.

At PAR, we strive to be the standard by which all Christian media is measured. We believe that our work should emulate God’s standard of excellence. Therefore, good can no longer be accepted as good enough…we much seek the exceptional.

Every day, you and your team have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of countless people who need Jesus Christ. Your ministry is in a powerful position—capable of actually changing the world for Him. As Christian leaders, we must take this calling and responsibility seriously. Don’t settle for average; be the standard…it’s an awesome way to live your life!

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Strive to be excellent over average.
  2. Pursue the standard in your own life so you can influence others.
  3. Be willing to learn and do the hard things along the way.
  4. Take your ministry from good to great.



Frankie Morea
Vice President of Programming
Positive Alternative Radio

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