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Dear Christian Radio,

Always Be Learning! Learning, as it turns out, is good for you. Scientific studies have proven that our brains have something called neuroplasticity. In layman’s terms, this means our brains grow when we use them to learn new things. Studies also show:

  • A person’s overall health improves when he or she is learning.
  • The process of constant learning can arrest the effects of aging.
  • Learners are happier people!


The health benefits associated with learning should be enough to get you thinking, but if not, consider this…God’s people share a long historic love affair with learning. For example, ancient Jewish people learned written language from other cultures and were among the first people groups on the planet to promote reading and writing. Biblical examples of learners include Daniel, Moses and, of course, Solomon. The Apostle Paul was a lifelong learner, too. He took the time to understand both Greek and Roman philosophy as well as art, so he could be a better witness to the Gentiles. In fact, many of the Biblical phrases attributed to Paul were actually inspired by the leading thinkers of his time and came from both inside and outside of Judaism.

Why then do so many Christian leaders—particularly those in Christian radio—seem to disdain learning? Why are we often among the last to challenge our teams to read more…to have them attend more seminars…to encourage them to interact with other industry professionals…and inspire them to eagerly embrace and learn new concepts, ideas, and skills?

We live in the age of the information worker. There are precious few jobs for people who just push buttons and don’t ask questions. To keep up, we need to become multi-platform, locally-branded content providers. Therefore, as Christian leaders, we must cultivate team members who generate new ideas, challenge the old ones, and who help chart a course toward a thriving future.

Learning requires discipline. While it’s easier to flip on SportsCenter or aimlessly surf an iPad, the rewards of learning make the discipline worthwhile. It should also be noted that easy things aren’t necessarily good things. At PAR, we don’t do easy. We challenge each other’s ideas, we learn, and we read. We do these things because we know learning will help us change the world.

Here’s a final benefit: Smarter team members will help solve the problems your station and industry face right now. They will also become more capable of improving efficiencies and generating new revenue streams. By promoting a culture of learning inside your organization, all of this becomes possible. You can do this, if you are willing to create, nurture, and share in a collaborative learning environment. Be a learner. Promote learning. Our industry needs you and your team at your best!

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Model lifelong learning. Read articles and books; then, share the knowledge with your team.
  2. Budget for Momentum. Then, in the spirit of collaboration, give to help other stations attend, as well.
  3. Turn learners into teachers. Require team members who attend a training session, seminar, etc. to share their knowledge and skills with others.
  4. Hire experts as speakers. Experts can offer an invaluable outside perspective as well as fresh ideas to your staff.
  5. Connect with other industry leaders and leading ministries. Ask questions; interview them and learn what they’ve learned.
  6. Conduct “lunch and learn” sessions. Have team members share what they’ve learned through self-study.



Jerry Grimes
Vice President of Creative Services
Positive Alternative Radio

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