Be Creating The Future

Dear Christian Radio,

“Daddy, I’m going to the moon, but I may need some help packing.” That’s what a little girl told her daddy one night as he tucked her into bed. Her sweet, adorable words may sound like the stuff of children’s dreams; however, it is important to remember that both John F. Kennedy and Neil Armstrong made similar statements, which led to their shared dream of placing a man on the moon becoming reality.

As a kid, the moon fascinated me—stars, planets, or anything to do with space captured my imagination. Just the idea of being able to explore and go beyond earth seemed like the most amazing adventure one could take. Now that I’m older, I’ve found another adventure that fascinates me…changing the world. I have learned that to change the world, I must always be creating the future.

The race to the moon started with a dream that seemed absurd to most. Often times when creating the future, people will think the same about your dreams…they are too big, too crazy, or that they can’t be done. Don’t allow naysaying to stop you from dreaming. Without someone dreaming up some crazy idea, innovation stops and the future becomes less interesting. Not only should you keep dreaming, you should also make time to dream. It’s really just like when you were a kid; all you had time to do was dream, explore, and push the possibilities. Set aside time daily or weekly to just think about what the future could hold. Dream big!

Creating the future is scary, but also exciting. Can you imagine the emotion that Neil Armstrong felt as he climbed down the ladder to the surface of the moon? He was going somewhere that no one had ever been before. To get to that point there is a lot of risk involved. I recently heard this quote and it has stuck with me ever since:

“Risk is the price of progress.”

If you want to create the future you have to take a risk. Some will pay off and others will be disasters. It was the disasters and failures that helped NASA make it to the moon. Every time a rocket was sent up they learned something new, something that wouldn’t have been discovered had not the risk been taken. In the same way, if you want to change the world you have to risk something to make progress.

You will need one final, key ingredient if you want to create the future…investment. An investment is more than just money—although creating the future can involve a financial commitment—investing time, resources, and effort into growing yourself and your team is crucial if you want to create the future. That’s a lesson that NASA learned as well. If you aren’t growing in your knowledge and experience you won’t be ready for the future.

Shortly after Winston Churchill was named Prime Minister of Britain in May of 1940 he said this, “I felt as if I was walking with destiny, that my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial.” Churchill had invested his life in preparation for that moment…training, learning, reading, and researching, so he would be ready for what the future had for him. If you don’t invest in yourself and in your team, the future you hope to create will inevitability pass you by and you won’t even know it.

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Dream – Make time to dream. Put a team together that meets to throw around and execute big ideas.
  2. Risk – Take bold risks. Champion progress and innovation that changes the world.
  3. Invest – Read, learn, and grow. Preparation allows you to be ready when your moment arrived.



Adam McCain
Director of Audio Production
Positive Alternative Radio
General Manager, WCQR

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