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Earlier this year, Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) proudly announced that it had been certified as a
Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). It is a high honor,
which is bestowed—or denied, based on the results of BCWI’s Engagement Survey.
Survey results are compiled from anonymous feedback submitted by the registered organization’s team members.

Here, we will look at the second highest ranking result—I would recommend my organization to others as a good place to serve—and show you how to reflect those same positive values within your own organization.

Dear Christian Radio,

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “The best form of advertising is word of mouth?”

As broadcasters—commercial or non-commercial—we derive at least some of our income through advertising or underwriting. So, while we can appreciate this age-old saying, clearly, we would say, RADIO is the best form of advertising!

Certainly, it is true that word of mouth plays a significant role in successful advertising. Even so, radio’s effectiveness comes from its ability to produce word of mouth advertising on a grander scale. When friends recommend products and services to one another the implied endorsement is powerful. That magic sparkles even brighter through radio ads and underwriting announcements, perhaps more than other media, because our medium is such a personal one.

What is true over the airwaves also has application in the workplace. Your internal customers—i.e. your organization’s team members—have a lot to say about where they choose to work. Their word of mouth advertising is very personal and should matter a great deal to you and other leaders inside your organization. Here’s a very simple, but extremely important question you should ask: Would they recommend your organization to a friend? Just as with advertising or underwriting, the confidence of your team is a critical endorsement.

An employee who is productive, engaged, and satisfied is all too happy to recommend friends to fill vital roles at your station—both paid or volunteer. On the contrary, an employee who withholds his endorsement is really telling you they are neither happy nor satisfied with their job.

If you are starved for volunteers and positions take a long time to fill, you might begin asking yourself if you would recommend your workplace to others heartily or not. If the answer is no, what is it about working for you that needs to change?

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Be honest with yourself. What are the reasons your Christian workplace isn’t compelling staff to recommend it to others?
  2. Practice candor with your team. Offer an “amnesty meeting” where everyone can speak their minds about you, their work environment, compensation, and policies without fear of retribution. Uncover the root issues and resolve to solve them in time.
  3. Ask your team members. What, specifically, needs to change to earn their recommendation?
  4. Set a course. Aim for improving your ministry as a model Christian workplace.



Jerry Grimes
Vice President of Creative Services
Positive Alternative Radio

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