AM Revitalization Opportunities

Dear Christian Radio,
Fall of 2015 has proved to be an exciting season for Christian radio station owners and operators.  Even more so because of the release of the FCC’s AM Revitalization Order from October 23rd, 2015.  In this order, the FCC has allowed special provisions for AM radio station owners to purchase or apply for an FM translator for their AM radio station. 
There have been many articles written on the order, which I will include at the bottom of this article for general reference.  All of these articles go into great detail about the adoption of the FCC AM Revitalization Order and how it impacts radio stations. 
I say that this is exciting for many Christian radio stations because it offers opportunities on two fronts…
First, current AM station owners now have the ability to purchase or apply for an FM translator for their station.  Now, an AM radio station can impact listeners on both the AM and FM dials assuring listeners a greater opportunity to find and clearly listen to their radio station. 
Second, it affords opportunities for Christian radio stations to sell their existing FM translators to AM radio stations to help their station financially.  With the ability for those AM station owners to move a translator up to 250 miles, it allows existing FM translator owners many opportunities to find a buyer for their FM translator properties. 
As we have stressed in the past, please reach out to a broadcast engineering consultant to determine what kind of opportunities are available either if you are an AM radio station owner or FM translator owner.  Doing so will assure that you don’t miss out on this great opportunity. 
More information is available from the following sources:
Dear Christian Radio – 
1. AM radio station & FM translator owners can both benefit from the AM revitalization order. 
2. Explore those opportunities with a broadcast engineering consultant.
3. Don’t be afraid to dream big for your radio station. 
David Hodges, Director of Engineering
Positive Alternative Radio
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