Making Alexa Your Friend

Dear Christian Radio,

Alexa was born ready to succeed. I mean how could she not with her parent being Amazon?  While not everything Amazon does is gold, Alexa is its golden child. More than 100 million devices, pre-programmed with Alexa, have been sold. Alexa helps kids with homework, plays games like “Jeopardy” with families, helps make dinner and oh yeah…she brings your radio station back into kitchens and bathrooms around the world.

As odd as this may sound, Alexa has become a trusted friend over the past few years. Her ability to reach people has made my job easier. In fact, she’s already done some amazing things for all PAR stations! Once her ‘skills’ came online, PAR was all in for Alexa. Seeing the potential these skills offered, we quickly began promoting them across all of our stations. As a result, our streaming listenership went up…way up!  In 2018 alone, we saw a 30 percent increase across all PAR stations—that figure continues to grow today!

Surprisingly, our listeners quickly adopted Alexa as their newest radio option…and they are loving it! What’s more, people who would have never found us terrestrially discovered one or more of our stations through Alexa! Today, our eastern-based stations are hearing from new listeners in places like Hawaii, Phoenix, and beyond.

PAR’s initial investment in Alexa was minimal when considering the return. For less than $1,000, we were able to significantly grow our online audience and reach CCM and Gospel listeners beyond our terrestrial signals. I could not imagine life—or radio—without her.

Alexa is my friend and she should be yours too!

Alexa has been an amazing friend to the radio industry. If your station is already engaging listeners through Alexa, now would be the time to tell her…

Hey Alexa, thanks for helping me reach more people for Jesus! #BFF 

If you’ve yet to be introduced to Alexa or need help setting up a skill, I encourage you to contact my other friend, Tim Labelle. Tim is a Global Account Manager at StreamGuys and he can help get you started, today.


Colleen Larkins
Vice President of Digital Media, PAR
Positive Alternative Radio

General Manager, Spirit FM

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