A Growing Pup

My whole life I have been a lover of dogs.  From my earliest memories to my entire adult life, I always had a furry companion to share life with.  When we lost two of our pups in the winter of 2020-2021, my husband and I knew that we wanted to open our hearts to another friend that needed a family and a home.  That’s when we heard about Bessie.

Bessie had just been dropped off at a local rescue and was expecting a litter of 10 puppies.  We didn’t even have to talk about it.  We knew we wanted to adopt and before they were even born, we told the rescue we wanted to adopt our newest boy.  Two short months later, we brought home a calm, loving, and cuddly pup named Meeko.

He was the big boy of the litter, but at two weeks he was just an adorable little 8-pound puppy.  The three-foot gates and giant crate seemed like we had maybe gone into overkill.  It wasn’t long though, before he started to grow.  That little boy that I drove home with in my lap had learned to climb over the play pen in a week.  In less than two months I could no longer carry him to his puppy appointments, little Meeko had to walk on his own.  Here we are seven months later with a still growing 75-pound big boy that’s full of energy and never stops.

Dear Christian Radio – have you ever been there?  Have you had something that seemed so small that easily fit into a designated safe space quickly turn into to something that was much bigger than you expected and is now difficult to control?

I’m sure we all have.  We have had that little issue over there in the corner that we spent time and energy trying to contain.  At that moment it felt like we had gone into overkill mode to make sure that situation would stay in its own little area.  We had done everything we could to make sure that issue wouldn’t wreak havoc on the rest of our department or organization. Yet here we are, and the issue has grown beyond our control.  It has started affecting other parts of the ministry and it not only creates issues for others, but we feel overwhelmed.

We knew taking care of a puppy would be hard work.  We spent weeks “puppy proofing” the house and getting our other dogs ready for the new arrival. We knew there would be chewing of furniture, potty training, and overcoming missing his mom and siblings.  Gates and playpens were put up.  Special toys and floor cleaning supplies were bought.  All we needed was our cute little puppy.

The problem was that cute little puppy didn’t stay little.  What I had expected and planned for wasn’t what happened.  I felt like I had failed.  I felt like I didn’t give this new puppy what they needed, that I wasn’t doing what was best for my other dogs, and that I had opened the door to stress and chaos in my home.

When you find yourself in the same position, remember that blame serves no purpose other than to stall progress.  The longer you sit in the dirt and try to point out everything that went wrong, the longer it takes you to move your focus to what you can do better.  We all make mistakes.  That’s the beauty and the curse of being human.  We are not perfect.  We don’t expect anyone else to be, so why do we expect that of ourselves.

Secondly, use those areas that didn’t go right to find something that works even better.  Every single day we need to make decisions based upon the information that is available at the time.  There will never be a situation where all the information was available and 100% accurate before we needed to move forward.  As that information comes to light, find ways to pivot your plan to serve what is rather than what you thought would be.

Let’s use Meeko as an example.  We spent time and money implementing those baby gates and play pens to keep him safe from the bigger dogs. Within four months the baby gates and play pens were being used to give our older dogs a safe place to nap without being overrun by a much larger little brother.  Although they didn’t work out for what we had planned, we were able to pivot to find a way to make the process work even better for all those involved.

Lastly, always remember that nothing God puts before us is greater than what we can overcome.  You may say, “Oh, here we go.  Another blog about 1 Corinthians 10:13.”  Hear me out.  I did not say God never puts anything before us that we could push through to the end regardless of how you do it.  Let’s look at John 15:5…

If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

Look at that again closely.  There is a stipulation.  “Apart from me you can do nothing”.  If we disregard Him in what we do, we will never really overcome, we will never really accomplish.  It is through Him that we can achieve.  If we try to make our plans without taking those burdens to Him, we will never succeed.

Dear Christian Radio, when you feel like that little issue you planned for has grown out of control, remember:

  • Sitting in blame serves no purpose other than to stall progress.
  • Use the ideas that didn’t go according to plan to find something that may work even better.
  • Remember to take your burdens to Christ as we can do nothing without Him.


Debra Bourne
VP of Accounting & HR
Positive Alternative Radio

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