A Winning Plan

Dear Christian Radio,

As we near the New Year we see new opportunities, new adventures…with eyes WIDE open, especially when you see your quota and goals for the new year!

You will do one of two things:

Your eyes will gloss over and you will wring your hands convincing yourself there is NO possible way to increase your business support to that level.

Or, you will put pencil to paper (yes there are some of us who still do that!) and construct a plan that will help you see the potential God has for you and your ministry.

Here is the approach I take…

I start at 30,000 feet. I calculate my hourly prime time (6am-7pm) avails, figure my weekly avails, see what is available in monthly avails and finally add up my yearly avails. I realize that at least 2 full weeks will be devoted to Spring and Fall Sharathon, outreach ministry opportunities and sacred holidays where NO underwriting announcements will be on the air. That leaves about 50 weeks.

I work a formula that allows me to be fully funded at 85%. Once I achieve my 85% goal, I still have 15% where I can bless a non-profit ministry or handle those last minute opportunities.

Here’s an example:  

We work with 4 units per hour, 13 hours a day (Monday-Friday, 6am-7pm). I calculate annual avails and break them down into daily needs. I end up with 13,000 opportunities a year to include local businesses and non-profits into our ministry. I strive to hit my goal at 85% or 11,050 annual units…that breaks down to 44 of the 52 units available in prime time each day.

Some seem to worry way too much about selling “rates and ratings” and being from secular radio I understand that, but you have to realize we are asking for donations to support the ministry we are providing to our community.

The commercial radio stations can sell their clothing and knick knacks but our responsibility is to build a long lasting relationship of introducing Christ to our listeners and our community.

Our “Thank You” messages are to help us create experiences for our listeners. Our leaders call us “Dream Makers”. We pray God uses those experiences to touch lives.

Dear Christian Radio, 

  1. Do you have a winning plan going into the New Year? 
  2. Are you still selling rates and ratings like you’re a commercial station?
  3. When do you start treating your underwriting ask like your Shareathon ask? 


Randy Pierce

Director of Underwriting, Positive Alternative Radio, Inc.

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