A Vision to Change Lives

Last week the entire Positive Alternative Radio family came together in Blacksburg for Vision Week.  It was a powerful testimony of the goodness and grace of God’s love and forgiveness!  PAR has made no secret about how toxic our culture was just 4 short years ago.  We had silos, arguing, backbiting, selfishness, zero communication, zero candor, and saw each other as competition….. there is no doubt that had we continued on this course it would have lead to the end of this ministry.  

The good news; We serve a mighty God, and PAR is committed to living the gospel of Jesus Christ!  It’s taken a lot of hard work, and everyone’s fair share of sweat and tears, but God is moving in grand ways through PAR!

The following is a poem Erica Parkerson wrote about her experience at Vision Week. 

Erica's PoemDear Christian Radio,

  1. It’s time for a Culture check!
  2. It’s time to do Hard Things!
  3. We are in this together….. yeah…. you read that correct!  You’re not alone.  Contact us, connect, reach out, we’d be glad help and one day celebrate with you!
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