A Piece of the Puzzle


Dear Christian Radio,

You are missing a huge piece of your puzzle and without that piece, you can’t be everything God intended you to be.

Have you ever done a puzzle with a friend or family member?  The other day my 4 year old son was very excited to put together a puzzle of his dear friend Dora the Explorer.  He took his time and placed every piece exactly where it should go BUT to his dismay when we got down to the last piece it was no where to be found.  So instead of a Dora Masterpiece, he had half of Dora’s face and it just wasn’t the same.  Putting together a successful radio station is a lot like that Dora puzzle.  You can have great programming, amazing production and talent that is heads above the rest, but if you are missing a great digital experience you are missing a big piece.

Let’s be honest, radio stations are known for poorly built websites, and being behind the curve on other digital mediums.


Many stations believe that only their on-air product matters, and so they say “Who cares about the website.”  Should your on-air product be excellent, absolutely, but so should your website.  Your website is your opportunity to capture your listener.  It’s your time to get her involved on a deeper level on her time.  She can log on and find out about your partner ministries, concerts going on and most of all find out how lives have been changed through YOUR station.

Dear Christian Radio

  1. Websites aren’t a passing trend, they aren’t just something to look pretty, they are a tool to further the mission of the radio station God has entrusted you with. Let’s stop ignoring them!
  2. Engage her!  Don’t just slap something up for the sake of having a website.  Design your website like you craft your breaks… with “her” in mind!
  3. Don’t squander the opportunity to reach your listeners online.  Embrace it! Your website is a big piece of the radio puzzle.  It serves you and your listeners well to not forget about that puzzle piece.  After all your station is not a masterpiece if they can only make out half of the picture.

Colleen Larkins

Spirit FM Assistant Manager

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