VIP or servant leader?

If you have the privilege to serve at your station as the program or music director, you have been given an amazing opportunity to influence many for Christ!

You get to help your listeners select some of the most important music in the world.  You get to help artists do the work of their ministries.  As a PD, you also get to help your team live out the mission of your radio station. 

From time to time you may even get a lovely perk or two like a “record” trip that includes dinner with an artist or a nice gift of thanks for all you do.

Truthfully the work you do is very hard yet so rewarding!  You add great value and it’s nice to be recognized by your peers.

While you enjoy the fruits of your labor please remember to whom much is given much is required!  God hasn’t called you to be a VIP but a servant leader.  It is so important to keep the blessings of God in check and flow it out to your team and listeners

Share your knowledge to craft excellence for your listeners and share your gifts with your team.  After all, they are the reason you get to do what you do. 

Be mindful that your team is watching you and they don’t need a VIP.  They need you!  They need a coach!  They need a mentor!  They need to know how to serve your listeners with excellence and how you’re going to help get them there.  

Of course you know all this but every once in a while we may need a gentle reminder.

Dear Christian radio,

  1. Strive to be a servant leader not a VIP.
  2. Share your gifts and knowledge with your team.
  3. Use your influence; craft excellence.


Frankie Morea

Your ‘PER General Manager and Vice President of Programming, PAR

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