2021: New Year. New Listeners.

You would hardly need to read a blog post about the challenges we faced as radio media in 2020. Some days seemed like challenge after challenge with no signs of relief. Truthfully, 2021 hasn’t started much better.

Now here comes some good news. If you’re a Christian radio station and you’ve spent time walking out 2020 with your listeners, chances are your station is growing and more effective than ever. The pandemic has helped many of your listeners realign their values and you were there to point them to Christ. You pointed them to their most meaningful things like family, friends, and most importantly, God. It’s like most things in our life we take so much for granted. Your radio stations songs and words became the hope and encouragement needed to help calm the storms. Because you have done these things intentionally and consistently your station is quite possibly growing at an amazing rate and will continue to do so.

How you may ask? Simple…contrast. Your station is creating contrast in a noisy stressful world. The pandemic is loud and the stress from the election and racial unrest is loud—and the uncertainty—even louder. Thankfully, your station has supplied that calm and very much needed voice of truth! Opportunity continues to shine in 2021 and you’re in the perfect spot to create contrast through Christ for your community.

Lastly, there is a very practical side that will help you attract new listeners as your station continues to grow in this year—that is, technology. Ask yourself this:

How many of your listeners are listening more at home from a smart device they received for Christmas or perhaps a smartphone or other upgraded device?

Truthfully, the unfortunate events of 2020 have created the perfect storm. With all that is going on in the world, plus the shifts that are taking place as listeners branch out and adopt the latest technologies, an amazing opportunity has been born.

May this new year and it’s new technologies bring you many new listeners seeking the Good News of Christ.


Frankie Morea
Vice President, Programming
Positive Alternative Radio

General Manager, WPER


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