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mom-daughter-headphones Dear Christian Radio, “Why do you guys play the same songs over and over again?” …Ever hear that question from a loyal listener at a concert or a treasured volunteer at Sharathon?  Perhaps the question is asked by our very own team members who are certain that more songs mean more impact and more listener satisfaction! The temptation to believe this theory is even more compelling with the ever increasing technology before us.  It is fuel for the well-intended argument that we must broaden our playlist now or face the consequences of defeat tomorrow.  What about smart phones, Pandora and the digital dashboard? No, I haven’t bugged your office and personally I wish playing more songs with more variety would produce the results we are all striving for!  BUT, it’s not about me.  It’s about maximum impact for Jesus Christ with our radio stations.  So, in light of all the changes before us these two facts have not changed:

  • The #1 reason your listeners love your radio station is songs they know and love that inspire them to live passionately for Jesus Christ!
  • The # 1 reason your listeners leave your radio station is because you’re NOT playing the songs they know and love that inspire them to live passionately for Jesus Christ.  (Lots of songs make it less likely they will ever hear their favorite songs enough!)

It’s that simple!! If we insist on the more is more theory, we will have a small but loyal listener base and a limited measure of impact for success in the future. If we embrace that less is more and play our listeners favorites over and over again, we can see our impact for Christ explode and maximize our success.

Dear Christian Radio,
1. In the radio bubble we want to believe more music titles mean more impact.
2. Listeners love their favorite songs long after you’re tired of hearing them.
3. Find out what songs your listener loves the most and then deliver them in abundance.

Frankie Morea
Vice-President of Programming
Positive Alternative Radio


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