Positive Alternative Radio partnership with CMB


January 13, 2014


Contact: Brian Sanders

Executive VP

(540) 961-2377

Blacksburg, VA – Positive Alternative Radio has struck a 5-year partnership with Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) as the Night of Joy sponsor during CMB’s annual Momentum convention.

“We believe in local Christian radio,” Brian Sanders, Executive Vice President of PAR said. “CMB and Momentum are dedicated to helping Christian radio get stronger, and so are we. That’s why this long term partnership makes so much sense.”

“In a day and time when Christian radio stations are struggling with leadership, vision, and adapting to ever changing platforms, PAR is motivated to share how God has blessed our stations in not just surviving, but thriving,” Sanders added.

“Providing this sponsorship is our way of saying how much we appreciate and value Christian radio. We also want to extend an offer to help any way we can,” he said.

Eddie Baker, PAR’s President, stated, “This is a huge day for PAR and we’re honored to partner with CMB. We’re making the investment to be a sponsor, have 6 leaders as gold members, 8 others as silver and we’ll have 10-12 PAR team members attending Momentum in September. We look forward to sharing our story and blessing the attendees to Momentum.”

Regarding the 5-year partnership, executive director of CMB, Michelle Younkman said, “”It is an honor to partner with our friends at PAR in offering the Momentum 2015 attendees tickets to the highly anticipated Night of Joy event. We are blown away by PAR’s commitment to CMB and Momentum. We appreciate their desire to serve Christian music broadcasters in such a significant way.”

Last fall, PAR launched Dear Christian Radio.com to create an open forum for local stations to explore ways of improving on-air performance, fundraising and leadership. PAR also is interested in directly helping local stations through a new mentoring initiative, PAR Services, and in sharing ideas and innovations that have increased audience share and income for its stations.

CMB brings Christian media from around the world together for the purpose of reaching listeners with the Gospel message by conceptualizing, developing and producing relevant programming that encourages interest in and involvement with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through idea sharing and education through CMB seminars, professional development, and regional events, CMB is engaged in strengthening Christian media leaders.

CMB provides professional development in the areas of: broadcast leadership, programming, fundraising, business development, promotions, marketing, social media and air talent.

CMB’s annual conference Momentum draws over 600 Christian radio professionals to Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Positive Alternative Radio owns and operates stations in important markets in Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The stations provide adult contemporary and gospel music, as well as Christian content available across a variety of digital platforms. In providing services to fellow Christian broadcasters and a weekly blog, “Dear Christian Radio,” PAR is dedicated to helping

Christian communication ministries strive for excellence.


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